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Entrepreneurship & Personal Development Advice for Real People

The purpose of this website is to share with you the experiences that have lead me to building my career as an entrepreneur and to aid you in becoming a successful small business-owner.

I started my OWN business, Ink Press (Custom T-shirts) out of my modest garage in January of 2010 with a small investment of $500 and today it generates me over $4,000 a month—it isn’t much but I no longer have to work, and that in itself sounds pretty reassuring to me.                 

My goal is to build my business into a multimillion dollar company by January of 2015. And I want you guys to check up on my site every once in a while to see my progress unfold.

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Thank you guys so much for visiting my blog. I hope this site will inspire you to go out and make your own dreams come true.

                                                                         :::Phillip Thai:::


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